"I paint shapes and images of the landscape
to convey to viewers a message of energy,
spirituality, the aroma and essence of nature.
Through my paintings I try to get people to
stop for a moment and internalize
the beauty that surrounds us. "

Painting is the way of life of Betty Rubinstein.
Betty refers to nature as a "balanced and harmonious wholeness,
which only God was able to create,
a wholeness in which man is the guest and the observer ..."
For Betty painting is an internal process,
from a journey or an adventure.
Then comes the focus and connection to feelings and intuition.
Betty Rubinstein studied at the Rosenthal School of Art
and the Academy of Art in Riga, Latvia.
Studied painting and drawing under the guidance of
English artist Glenn Soho.
Graduate of the Faculty of Art Teaching at Oranim College
and holds a B.A. in Art from the University of Haifa.

Betty Rubinstein paintings have been exhibited in:
The Art Center of Tel Aviv-Jaffa
Naval Museum in HaifaCastra Art Center in Haifa
Gerar Behar Theater in Jerusalem
The International Congress Center in HaifaThe "Bar`am" Museum in Galilee
The Main Gallery in Artists Village Ein-Hod
and are to be found in private collections in Israel and abroad. 
The Betty Rubinstein Art gallery and Studio
lies Inside Jaffa’s unique and vibrant Greek Market.​
Betty Rubinstein is a member of the Association of Painters and Sculptors in Israel.